Dorothy Meharry MFA is a contemporary modernist painter who works with both mixed media and electronic multi media. Meharry’s process is very layered and textural. Her exploration of the digital realm and it’s effect on her work as a painter in the 90’s lead to a nearly 20 year contemplation of repetitive patterns, both linear and spherical. She joyfully plays in the space where a self determined authorial mark meets pure happenstance.

“I’ve been thinking…what I’m doing is developing a visual language. I use content, sometimes of ancient and modern ‘coded’ systems (writing/barcodes/QR codes and graphic images) to describe the things around me. I explore ‘mark-making’; somewhere in the territory beyond realism but not completely severed from it’s source. The compulsion of my practise lies in the process; painting and layering, revealing and concealing, until the work begins to ‘speak’ to me seemingly with its own voice and vision- that is it has it’s own rhythm – ‘this way and not that…”

Meharry, formerly from Auckland, now resides in Nelson and exhibits regularly and recently at Art@203 Gallery, The Suter Gallery,  Momentum Gallery and Arty Nelson Gallery.

Meharry has been selected for the:
Adams Portrait Award. Wellington
Peter Doig Award. Blenheim
Impressions Art Award. Nelson
North Shore Art Award. Auckland
Meharry has ongoing exhibitions at Solo Space, Art@203 Gallery. Trafalgar St. Nelson and as part of the collective, with her most recent works.

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